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Sunday, November 17, 2019
November 17, 2019  

SVGD Volunteers:
      I know that we are entering an active Holiday Season for many people!  Usually that's also a time when people do like to volunteer.  We have three confirmed events for December that will be on the web in the next couple weeks for you to sign up.  Right now though you can pencil them in to your busy schedule if you'd like to assist- we will be Santa's Elves for a party for handicapped families, will be wrapping gifts for low-income children, and will be helping at the beautiful light show at the Denver Botanic Gardens!  The dates are below in the Future Events section.
      First, we do still need 2 more volunteers for next Sunday AM's Thanksgiving Food Distribution.  Please sign up soon if you can help so the Event Captain can get all the information to you this week.
       Also, please come join our SVGD Thanksgiving Dinner if you are available.  We'd love to have you!  It's a great opportunity to meet some other fantastic people who volunteer with our group.  I know there are always people who don't yet have Thanksgiving plans so please consider coming.  We'd really like everyone to sign up by the end of this week so we can coordinate the potluck list in order to have variety (we will be providing the turkey, stuffing, potatoes & gravy.)  
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator   

Please sign up on www.svgd.org to this assist at these events.


Thanksgiving Food Distribution for the Jeffco Action Center, Sunday, November 24th, 8-10:30AM. (We still need 2 volunteers for next Sunday!) 6 Volunteers in total will be helping.  We will once again be helping the low-income families in Jefferson County so that they are able to have a Thanksgiving Dinner for their family.  The event is actually at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving.  Low income families will receive a voucher prior to the event.  This event will help approx. 5200 families!!  We will collect the vouchers and then hand out boxes that contain the fixings for them to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for their household.  The families will also receive a certificate for a turkey or ham at their local grocery store.  We have helped at this event before.  It is such a good feeling to help the families that would not be able to have a Thanksgiving dinner at their homes.  They are so very grateful for the assistance!  Before you have your Thanksgiving, please help those who are hoping to have one. 

SVGD Thanksgiving Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 28, 2:00 PM-approx. 6:00 PM, (Please sign up soon as we are putting together our potluck list!) We will be having a Thanksgiving Dinner again for our SVGD members at one of our member's homes near C470/Kipling.  We've  done this several times and it has always been well attended.  We have several members who are not able to go to be with their families on Thanksgiving (or at least don't have afternoon plans) & enjoy having a place to go and meet some great people.  We have a fantastic time with good people.  I hope you are able to make it!  SVGD will provide the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy.  Each of the attendees will be bringing a potluck dish to pass such as an appetizer, salad, bread, vegetable, or dessert.  After you sign up we will contact you to figure out what you'd like to bring & will create a list so we have a good variety.  We always have a great meal and a good time!  Attendees also can bring whatever they wish to drink (we, of course, will have water.)  You are responsible to drink responsibly.  If you'd like to share Thanksgiving with us we'd love to have you!  We all have so very much for which to be Thankful!!

Please sign up for these events on the www.svgd.org  web site.


     The following events are going to be upcoming but I don't have either the Event Captain or all the details yet.  Some of our members do like to get their schedule planned as soon as possible so I'm listing these so you can "pencil them" in to your schedule.  I will let you know when I have all the information & have put them on the web site so you can "officially" register.   
          Sat. Dec.7th, afternoon, Bayaud Enterprises Holiday Party for disabled families- we'll be giving out gifts (as Santa's elves) to the children  of the handicapped families.
          Sat. Dec. 14th 12:45-4:30PM, We will be wrapping gifts for the Warren Village children after their parents pick them out at their Holiday Shop. Park Hill area.
          Mon. Dec. 30th, 4:15-9:15PM, We will be helping at the Blossoms of Light Festival at the Denver Botanic Gardens
If you know of any non-profit organizations that can use a group of 6 or more volunteers during an upcoming evening or weekend please feel free to give me the information as I'll be glad to explore the possibility of organizing a group of our SVGD volunteers to assist!  Thank you!
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