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Sunday, January 12, 2020
January 12, 2020  

SVGD Volunteers:
     I've just put another event on the SVGD web site for which you can register!  The Delores Project Women's Shelter has opened their new facility so we are, once again, going to be able to serve dinner at the shelter.  Our volunteers have been requesting this event for quite some time so I'm glad we are finally able to help again!
     Also, WE STILL NEED 4 VOLUNTEERS TO HELP NEXT SATURDAY AT THE DENVER HABITAT FOR HUMANITY RESTORE!  Please sign up soon if you can help as we don't want to let them down!  We have been filling all of our events but it does get stressful when it gets down to the last week.  The confirmed Future Events are listed below our January events.  I will let you know when you can register on the web site for those.
     Below our events I have given you the bios for the 6 individuals who are running for the 2020 SVGD Board.  The election will be held at our Annual Meeting.  We have now confirmed the date and location for our Annual Membership Meeting.  It will be held at 6:30PM on Tuesday, February 18th.  The event will be held in Littleton near C470/Kipling St.  The February events will start being put on our web site in a week so you can register.  If you wish to vote but know you can't attend the meeting please email: in order to be emailed a ballot.      
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator   

To sign up for these events please go to the web site.


Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Sat. Jan. 18th, 10AM-2PM,  (WE STILL NEED 4 VOLUNTEERS FOR NEXT SATURDAY'S EVENT) 6 Volunteers are needed. We will be helping at the Central Denver ReStore on Rio Grande. We've helped them many times previously.  We normally are helping to stock donations onto the shelves, straighten up or rearrange some of the areas, and sometimes help with accepting incoming donations.  They have a new change in policy- ReStore volunteers will receive a 10% discount off of any purchases they wish to make on the day that they volunteer.  There is free parking and a lunch break.  Customers shop at the ReStore for new and gently used appliances, furniture, home remodeling supplies, pictures, and more at huge discounts.  All profits support Habitat for Humanity's home ownership program for low-income families.  Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver builds and sells homes to hard-working people in need of decent and affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope

Serving Dinner at the Delores Project Women's Shelter, Wed. Jan. 29th,6-8:15PM 6 Volunteers are needed.  The Delores Project is finally in their new building so we are now able to assist them again!  So many of our volunteers have been requesting this event!  We have assisted this women's safe shelter several times and they have asked us back as we have fantastic groups of volunteers.  This was a regular event for us due to the interest from our volunteers.  The shelter is in West Denver.  We help by preparing the already provided food and serving.  Volunteers have an opportunity to meet the residents after serving by also enjoying the meal.  This is a confidential location that is given out to the volunteers after registering due to the nature of the facility.  Both male & female volunteers are welcome to assist at this event.

To sign up for these events please go to the web site.


     The following events are going to be upcoming but I don't have either the Event Captain or all the details yet.  Some of our members do like to get their schedule planned as soon as possible so I'm listing these so you can "pencil them" in to your schedule.  I will let you know when I have all the information & have put them on the web site so you can "officially" register.   

          Sat., Feb.1- 12:30-3PM, We will be helping at Cafe 180 where they serve meals to those who don't have the money to pay- 12:30-3PM.
          Sat., Feb. 8- 6PM-10:30PM, Shaken Not Stirred Martini Party benefiting Boys Hope Girls Hope
          Sat., Feb. 15th- 10:30AM-1:30PM, We will be serving lunch at The Crossing Homeless shelter
          Tues., Feb. 18, 6:30-8:30PM- SVGD Annual Meeting, Littleton (near C470/Kipling), All SVGD Members are welcome to attend!
          Sat., Feb. 29, 4:30-10PM, Mt. Evans Hospice Gala


Brenda Spomer- Brenda wanted to spend her free time helping others and discovered SVGD.  She believes it's a wonderful organization that provides volunteers for so many worthy causes.  This is her fourth year with SVGD.  She has been an active Event Captain so you may have met her as the leader for one of the events you attended. Brenda is the present Membership Chariperson on the Board.  Brenda hopes that SVGD continues to thrive and grow, therefore, she would like to serve on the Board in hopes that this is achieved.  Brenda is retired now.  Her career was in the IT industry.  During her tenure she wore many hats such as Programmer Analyst, Project Manager, and Customer Support.  She worked for the same firm for 20 years before she was laid off.  She is a proud fourth-generation Colorado native.  She has two sons who serve in the military and two daughters who have blessed her with three beautiful grandchildren.  They are her pride and joy and she loves spending as much time as possible with them.

Doug Steebner-  Doug is a single, divorced father (1 child still at home) who lives in Acres Green, a subdivision of Lone Tree.  This will be his fifth year on the Board.  Presently he is our Board President.  For the past 12 years he has been a vehicle broker with HM Brown and Associates, the largest vehicle broker in Colorado  Doug tries to stay as active as he can enjoying the many activities in Colorado including hiking, fishing, skiing, and golf to name a few!  He has always enjoyed volunteering and he states that SVGD is giving him the opportunity to do so where it is doing the most good!  He'd like to be on the Board to give other single people the opportunity to volunteer as often and as easily as it has been for him!

Erik Schumann- Erik has been an SVGD volunteer since June, 2016 & has been the Treasurer of the Board of Directors the past two years.  He joined this organization because he appreciates the impact our work has on Denver and the greater community.  He joined the Board of Directors because he feels that he can serve as a successful Treasurer and assist in leading our group.  Erik moved to Denver in 2013 and works in Information Technology providing end-user support.  His background is in Computer Engineering and he possesses degrees in Psychology and Nuclear Energy Technology.  A few of his favorite events and causes that SVGD assists are The Delores Project, The Crossing homeless shelter, and the Jeffco Action Center.  When he's not working or volunteering, he's out hiking and biking in the mountains, in the pool swimming, or out for a round of beers and pool.  A couple of his personal goals include mastering carpentry and beekeeping, as well as hoping to continue to serve as your Treasurer.  He loooks forward to meeting and working with you!

Kayla Okafor- Kayla attended the very first SVGD event when the group first formed in 2006 and has been active ever since.  She was the first Volunteer Events Coordinator and, except for an approx. 18-month hiatus, has continued in that position.  Kayla maintains the SVGD liaisons with non-profit organizations, supervises and trains Event Captains, coordinates the event schedule, watches the registrations, and writes the e-newsletter.  She is on the Board in this position and normally serves as Vice President.  Kayla believes in SVGD and the positive impact it has in the Denver Metro area.  Kayla taught college for many years and is the past Dean of two colleges.  She is currently the Owner/Employing Broker of Denver Real Estate Connection where she has also done training and taught college-level business and real estate law.  She has a home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and has taken five groups of volunteers- many from SVGD- there for a week of volunteering & fun!  She would like to continue on the Board as SVGD has become a very important part of her life for over 12 years.

Lylie King-  Lylie started volunteering independently seven years ago as she believes in giving and supporting our community.  She recently joined SVGD in July, 2018, and participated in prepping and serving dinner at The Crossing homeless shelter- she has not looked back since!!  Her profession is in IT healthcare and telecom.  She also programs development skills.  Lylie considers herself an advocate for those who don't have a voice.  She is looking forward to meeting and forming relationships with SVGD members as we make a difference in our community.  "Life is short, live it; Love is rare, grab it; Anger is bad, dump it; Fear is awful, face it; Memories are sweet, cherish them."

Stacie Genchi- One family philosophy Stacie has always lived by is to "pay if forward".  Stacie has had the advantage of growing up with a special needs sibling which opened her world to volunteering at an early age.  Volunteering is second nature to her and a true fulfillment of her philosophy by giving her the opportunity to be a representative of the diverse and social culture of our community.  Stacie currently lives in the Northfield Stapleton neighborhood of Denver with her amazing and wonderfully hearted teenage son. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering, many moons ago, as well as an MBA.  She is currently employed within the healthcare industry at Kaiser Permanente as an IT Business Operations Consultant, after 15 years as a Director of Technology in higher education. Growing up beach-side, Stacie enjoys the outdoors and many land and water activities and was referred to at the "Pioneer of Women's Snowboarding" in several publications  She has been on Boards for the International School of Denver and the West Colfax Assn. of Neighbors.  In addition to SVGD she has volunteered for MaxFund Foster & Pet Rescue and is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Adams & Broomfield Counties. She states that SVGD "is a good fit for me" & looks forward to the opportunity to be able to serve others in a leadership position on the Board.        
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