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Sunday, January 05, 2020
January 5, 2020  

SVGD Volunteers:
       HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I think that 2020 will give us all 20/20 vision and will be a great and enlightening year!!
       I have just put another of our January volunteer events on the web site so that you can sign up.  We will helping at the Denver Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Sat. Jan. 18th.  Also, please note in the Future Events that we are now starting to help The Delores Project Womens Shelter!!  They have built their new facility so we will, once again, be able to serve dinner etc.  The new event is not on the web site yet to sign up but I will let you know when it is.  Our volunteers, both male and female, really enjoy helping and have been asking when we will be able to help again.  I'm so glad to tell you that it will be later this month!
       Meanwhile,  I still do need 2 more volunteers for this upcoming Saturday to help at the Food Bank of the Rockies.  Please sign up soon if you can help!
       Once a year we have an Annual Meeting for our volunteers where we recap what has happened in the past year, give our plans for the upcoming year, elect our next year's Board of Directors, and have your great input on ideas/suggestions for our fantastic organization. We are presently confirming the date and place but it should be during the week of February 17th-21st.  I will let you know just as soon as we have confirmed the date and location.  Meanwhile, we are talking to people who may wish to be on the ballot to be on our Board of Directors.  Please let me know if you are interested.  I should have the ballot out to you, as members, in approximately 7-10 days so you know who is running for appointment. If you are interested in being on the Board please contact me very soon!
       Thanks again for your contribution to our Denver Metro community!  We provide groups of volunteers for approximately 60 non-profit events annually and have done so since 2006.  You are greatly appreciated!!   
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator   

To sign up for these events please go to the web site.


Food Sorting at the Food Bank of the Rockies, Sat., Jan.11th, 12:15-3:30PM, (WE STILL NEED 2 VOLUNTEERS FOR NEXT SATURDAY'S EVENT) 6 Volunteers from SVGD will be helping. We will, once again, be helping at their main warehouse in Aurora.  Food and other items are processed from food drives and grocery rescue pickups.  Volunteers will help inspect, sort and box these items before they are distributed to clients.  This requires an attention to detail but is a low impact/physical area although it does require standing for the shift.  The Food Bank of the Rockies helps families thrive by procuring and distributing food and essentials to the hungry.  They are a fantastic organization!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Sat. Jan. 18th, 10AM-2PM, 6 Volunteers are needed. We will be helping at the Central Denver ReStore on Rio Grande. We've helped them many times previously.  We normally are helping to stock donations onto the shelves, straighten up or rearrange some of the areas, and sometimes help with accepting incoming donations.  They have a new change in policy- ReStore volunteers will receive a 10% discount off of any purchases they wish to make on the day that they volunteer.  There is free parking and a lunch break.  Customers shop at the ReStore for new and gently used appliances, furniture, home remodeling supplies, pictures, and more at huge discounts.  All profits support Habitat for Humanity's home ownership program for low-income families.  Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver builds and sells homes to hard-working people in need of decent and affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope

To sign up for these events please go to the web site.


     The following events are going to be upcoming but I don't have either the Event Captain or all the details yet.  Some of our members do like to get their schedule planned as soon as possible so I'm listing these so you can "pencil them" in to your schedule.  I will let you know when I have all the information & have put them on the web site so you can "officially" register.   

          Wed., Jan.29th. We will be serving dinner at The Crossing Womens Shelter. Approx. 6PM-8PM (details to be confirmed)
          Sat., Feb.1- 12:30-3PM, We will be helping at Cafe 180 where they serve meals to those who don't have the money to pay
          Sat., Feb. 8- (time to be determined-probably 4:30PM) We will be helping at the Dining in the Dark Gala for the Blind Institute of Technology
          Sat., Feb. 15th- 10:30AM-1:30PM, We will be serving lunch at The Crossing Homeless shelter
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