Need Volunteers for Thursday plus new event

Thursday, February 22, 2018

SVGD Volunteers:
     I am currently confirming several volunteer events for the next few months so I hope you are ready to volunteer and help the great non profits in our area!!  I just put another new event on our web site.  We will be helping The Delores Project safehouse as they go through their moving transition.

     I am still short 4 volunteers to help next Thursday at The Crossing homeless shelter.  This event normally fills quickly as our volunteers love it so I'm really surprised.  I really need your help!!  Please sign up soon if you can assist at this event.  Thank you!

Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator  

Please sign up on to attend these events


Serving Dinner at The Crossing homeless shelter, Thurs. March 1, 4:45-7:15PM, (WE STILL NEED 4 VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS EVENT NEXT THURSDAY!!) 6 volunteers are needed.  Please let your Event Captain know if you are coming from work and may be a few minutes later. Many of our volunteers request this event because they enjoy it and feel that it is such a worthwhile organization.  The Crossing is a transitional facility between the homeless shelter and getting back into an apartment.  The residents are working and saving up for an apartment.  It is drug & alcohol free.  Men, women & families reside there.  It provides a great service as people work to get back on their feet. Our volunteers will help in the buffet line and may help with some of the meal bags for those who come back from work after dinner time.  After we serve dinner we will have an opportunity to eat as a group and also enjoy the meal.  We then do a few minutes of clean up and straightening in the dining room.

Serving Dinner at the Delores Project women's safehouse, Tues. March 13,6-8:15PM 6 Volunteers are needed.  We have assisted this women's safe shelter several times.  This time it will be a little different as The Delores Project is currently in a temporary shelter as they build their new facility.  They have to leave the temporary shelter two days after we assist them so really need our help as they are going through this transition. The shelter is in West Denver.  We help by preparing the already provided food and serving.  Volunteers have an opportunity to meet the residents after serving by also enjoying the meal.  This is a 

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