A New September Volunteer Event!

Sunday, September 13, 2020
September 13, 2020  

SVGD Volunteers:
     We had a great time yesterday helping Serve Lunch at The Delores Project womens' safe house!  Afterwards we had lunch & a social.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped.
     I just put a new event on the web site for which you can register that is coming up in two weeks.  Bella Boutique really needs our help since proms didn't happen this season and they need us to help pack up the group of prom dresses, shoes, & accessories they have (since Prom 2020 didn't happen) so they can move everything into storage and wait for Prom 2021.  This non profit really helps low-income teens who wouldn't be able to dress as others and attend prom. Many of you may remember that this was an important event in your teenage years so it's so great for those who normally couldn't afford it to be able to attend with their peers!  It will be another socially distanced event.  Please sign up if you can help!
      I have noted our upcoming Habitat for Humanity event that is coming up in October.  It's not on the web site yet to sign up but you may wish to pencil it on your calendar.
      We are making progress on getting our new web site together.  Hopefully, it will be working well in about 3 weeks.  Meanwhile we are having difficulty with our present site, right now as far as registering for events & for new members to join. I did put some instructions for registering on the event description.  Everything else should be working, however.  I hope to see you there!  The event is listed below. 
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator  

To register for this event please go to the www.svgd.org web site to view the event, update your membership if necessary, & then email your registration per the instructions.


Bella Boutique Packing, Sat. Sept. 26th, 9AM-Noon. 4 Volunteers are needed. Many of you may remember that we have helped the Bella Boutique previously as Personal Shoppers as they provide free Prom dresses, shoes & accessories to low-income teens that are referred by educators, coaches, pastors, other community leaders or those who qualify for a free lunch.  This non profit allows teens to have a great prom experience which might they might not otherwise be able to do because of financial limitations and is the only 503(c) non profit to do so.  Well, this year has been different for everyone due to the pandemic and the 2020 proms weren't held.  The Bella Boutique is moving.  We will be helping at one of their shifts to help pack up the prom shop as they get ready to move back into storage as they await Prom 2021. Volunteers will be sorting donations and packing dresses, shoes, and jewelry into storage boxes in preparation for moving day.  They really need our help as their inventory didn't get depleted this year due to the lack of proms.  We won't be doing the actual moving, just helping with the packing of these items which are clean and were ready for this year's proms.  This is another service we can provide to a non profit which is aiming for social distancing. All volunteers should wear masks and comfortable clothes.  The event is in Commerce City near I270/Vasquez.  (As we are in the process of putting together our new web site you are not presently able to register for this event on the SVGD web site.  If you wish to assist at this event please email: event@svgd.org  .  You will receive an email acknowledging your registration & then another the week prior to the event with all the details.)

        Currently I have confirmed an event with the Denver ReStore for Habitat for Humanity on Sat. Oct. 17th from 9:30AM-1PM.  The event is not on the web site yet to register but I know some of you like to plan ahead so may want to "pencil" it into your schedule.  I should have the event on the web in about a week and will let you know when it's on the web site so you can register.