Another "Socially Distanced" Volunteer Event in August!

Sunday, July 26, 2020
Socially Distanced School Supply Distribution for the Jeffco Action Center, Sat. Aug 15th, 12:15-4:00PM, 4 Volunteers are needed. We will be helping to staff the school supply distribution. We have helped them before but the distribution will be different this year due to safety precautions for COVID-19.  The families benefiting must make an appointment so there won't be people waiting to pick up items. Only one person per family will be allowed into the distribution & only 15 people will be in the school for supplies at any one time.  We will be wearing disposable gloves, must wear a mask, and will have hand sanitizer and a hand washing area conveniently located.  We will be doing small groups with social distancing. This will help approx. 5000 students in Jefferson County,  which has the highest number of identified homeless students in Colorado, over a 6-day distribution period .  Whether actually attending classes or doing online classes these low-income families still need school supplies for their children. We will be helping the Action Center to make a big difference in our Metro community.  The event will be held at an elementary school in Wheat Ridge. 

New Socially Distanced Event Next Weekend!

Sunday, July 12, 2020
July 12, 2020  

SVGD Volunteers:
     Well, it's been awhile!  I hope that all of you are staying healthy!  I hope also that you are, as I am, ready to start doing some volunteering with SVGD!  These pandemic days have been rough!  I have been contacted by some non profits in the past months but most of them were not really addressing "social distancing".  In order for it to work for our SVGD group the SVGD Board feels strongly that we want you to stay safe!  That's why we've had a hiatus on events for awhile.
      I'm happy to say that I am now starting to receive information about upcoming events that are truly being cognizant of social distancing for their volunteers.  We'll start out slowly as we get back in the swing of this with a little smaller groups and with me investigating the safety measures being taken.  I have now put one new event on our SVGD web site so you can now volunteer to help at the Blues N' BBQ 2020 benefiting Habitat for Humanity NEXT SATURDAY!  Please sign up soon if you are interested as I'm sure many people are anxious to get out and have a good time while helping our community and space is limited.
      Also, I've noted an event for The Action Center for which I've committed a group in August.  Again, slowly we'll get back on pace with several events per month.
      Please note too the information I've given re: the Amazon Smile program where you can easily enter so that SVGD will get a small portion of any purchases you make with Amazon.  As many of you know who have been in our organization for awhile, we do two volunteer events annually where we also get some funds to help support SVGD, i.e. web hosting (we have to have a new server this year as our is discontinuing their service), a new web site, insurance, supplies, etc.  We were not able to do these two events this year as they were going to be in June and July!  That leaves our budget very tight to pay our monthly bills so we'd appreciate it if you would consider us as an Amazon non profit.  Thank you!
       I hope you are as excited as I that we are starting back with volunteer events to help our community while trying to keep our great volunteer members as safe as possible.  I hope to see you soon!     
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator  

To register for this event please go to the web site.


Socially Distanced Blues N' BBQ 2020 benefiting Habitat for Humanity, Sat. July 18th, 3:30-8:30PM, 3 Volunteers are needed. Our first "socially distant" event since the pandemic started!  We have assisted at this event for years but the "normal" concert venue has been changed.  This is the 23rd year for the Festival which has given over $350,000 to Habitat for Humanity.  This Festival will take place in a venue where there will be two days of shows with a total of 6 bands.  They are selling tickets to only 75 patrons per show. They will follow all the protocols set forth by the City and County of Denver including the limit in number of patrons per band, masks (will be provided for us), social distancing, and the stage roped off so musicians are at least 10ft. from attendees.  They are definitely making every effort to be sure we as volunteers are safe!  We will be assisting for the first three bands, which actually play until 10PM so you definitely will have an opportunity to enjoy the music.  There will only be 3 of us at the entrance area to deal with ticket sales, checking ID's and giving out wrist bands.  Again, only 75 will enter for each show.  We will also help sanitize the tables between sets.  On Saturday the first band is from 4:30-5:30PM.  They are doing a tribute to Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band.  The second band is from 6:15-7:45PM and are doing a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn.  The third band is from 8:30PM-10PM and are doing a tribute to The Who.  It sounds like a lot of fun while being safe!  We'll be able to listen to the bands and help a good cause!  They are doing some live-streaming neighborhood parties at some peoples homes so more people will be able to hear the music but we'll have an opportunity to actually see the bands and have a great time in this time period where it's been difficult to have many great times!


     Are you stuck inside and don't want to venture to the stores?  Are you purchasing a lot on Amazon?  Help SVGD (Single Volunteers of Greater Denver) from the safety of your home.  With each purchase you make on you will give back to our nonprofit organization so we can continue to provide groups to assist at the numerous nonprofits in the Denver Metro area.  During times like these, all the non profits are soon going to need all the assistance they can get!
     Next time you are ready to make an order on, bookmark this address instead: The smile program donates 0.5% of the cost of eligible items to a non-profit of your choice!  The first time you go, fill out your Amazon username and a password, then choose Single Volunteers of Greater Denver as the charitable organization you want to support.  From now on, just bookmark and click to and donate to SVGD every time you shop!  
Thank you for supporting our fantastic organization so that we can continue to have funds for insurance, a web site, etc. and can continue supporting the many charities that we assist in the areas of:  Hunger/Homelessness, Health, Animals/Nature, Elderly/Families/Military, and many other Other cultural and community events! We normally help at approximately 60 nonprofit events annually & that number may go up soon!  We can use your help in order for us to help our community in many areas!


     I am starting to plan "socially distant" events.  Some of our members do like to get their schedule planned as soon as possible so I'm listing these so you can "pencil them" in to your schedule.  I will let you know when I have all the information & have put them on the web site so you can "officially" register. 

Sat. Aug. 15th, 12:15-4PM, School Supply Distribution for the Action Center at a NW Denver School 
     More to come.....