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Friday, January 26, 2018

SVGD Volunteers:
       I have just put another fantastic event on our SVGD web site.  We will be helping Mt. Evans Hospice again with their Gala!  This year the theme is "Colors of Morocco."   Our events have been filling quickly so I wanted to be sure you have another opportunity to volunteer.
       Please see the details for all the events below.

Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator  


Please sign up on to attend these events


"Colors of Morocco" Gala benefiting Mt. Evans Hospice, Sat. Feb. 24, 4-8:30PM, 5 Volunteers are needed. This fantastic gala is at the Mt. Vernon Country Club.  Our volunteers always have a fantastic time.  We are glad to provide carpooling opportunities if you'd like.  The gala involves, dinner, dancing, and both silent & live auctions.  Our volunteers will be helping with the tablet bidding for the Silent Auction.  They are also really short on volunteers to help take down the event at 9:30 so if you wish to stay, dance & can help with this please let us know. Volunteers will be able to enjoy the event and have a free buffet dinner.  Volunteers may wear brightly-colored caftans or djellabas (a long, loose-fitting unisex outer robe) if you have access to those.  Otherwise wearing black or a black bottom/white top will work as they will provide Moroccan scarves so people know you are a volunteer.  What fun!  The event actually starts at 5:30PM so you will have some time for training. This is Mt. Evans' biggest fundraiser of the year.  Funds from the event help Mt. Evans care for patients with limited financial resources as well as support numerous community services provided by the agency including: grief counseling; transportation for patients to medical appointments; respite for caregivers; and Camp Comfort, a bereavement camp for children.



Serving Lunch at Cafe 180 benefiting those who can't pay for their meals, Sat.,Jan. 27,10AM-12:30PM, (This event is on Waiting List status. If you sign up you will receive the automated response that we've received your registration but will only be contacted if we get a volunteer cancellation.) 4 Volunteers are needed to serve customers, help prepare food, yes, even help clean up!  Cafe 180's mission is to reduce hunger in the community by providing meals to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.  Not only do they serve up delicious food, they serve up respect, dignity & self sufficiency.  We helped them about a year ago for the first time and really enjoyed the experience.  Plus we each had a great meal when we completed our shift!  They say:  "we've all relied on the kindness of others at certain times in our lives... For those who have enough, it's a chance to eat well and do well. For those who are struggling, it's a chance to eat in a dignified manner.  We're not about hand outs.  We're about giving people a hand up..."  Volunteers need to wear comfortable shoes & anyone with long hair needs to have it pulled back.  The group will have cafe aprons  to wear when they get there and will get to have lunch there after serving the patrons.  What a great opportunity

2018 SVGD Annual Meeting, Tues. Feb. 6th, 6:00-7:45PM.  All SVGD members are invited to attend!  (The deadline for registration was Monday, Jan. 22nd but you can still vote for Board members online) We will be going over what we've done during 2017, will elect the new 2018 Board, and will talk about plans and ideas for 2018.  We will provide a light dinner.  Please sign up soon so we know how many meals to purchase.  The meeting will be held in the Cherry Creek area.  You will receive the exact address and more details after you register.  We look forward to seeing you there so you can meet other members, get to know the new Board, and have an opportunity to discuss ideas to  help SVGD continue as a positive part of the Metro Denver volunteer community. If you are unable to attend the meeting but are a member and would like to vote you can email: to have your vote recorded. Votes will be accepted until February 23rd.

Shaken Not Stirred Martini Party benefiting Boys Hope/Girls Hope, Sat. Feb. 10th, 6:45-10:30PM, (This event is on Waiting List status.  If you sign up you will receive an automated response that we received your registration but will only be contacted if we get a volunteer cancellation) 6 volunteers are needed to help with the silent auction, etc.  We have assisted at this event for years and it is one of our volunteers' favorites.  Last year they changed their Volunteer Coordinator so there was some confusion and we weren't able to assist.  Luckily we're back on their schedule for this year.  The event is located at a great public facility at approx. 12th/Broadway.  Party attire.  Volunteers will work shifts with lots of breaks to enjoy the event.  Boys Hope/Girls Hope helps academically capable & motivated children who are living "in-need."  They help them meet their full potential by providing value-centered family-like homes, opportunities, and education through college.  Sign up soon!  This one always fills up! 


2018 SVGD Board Member Nominees:

Adrian King- 
Adrian is a single lady who has lived in the Washington Park area for many years.  Prior to retirement she was an Office Manager for several years.  After retirement she started a small business that includes: pet sitting, house sitting, plant sitting, and taking neighbors' packages to safety around her neighborhood.  She is into exercising, yoga, hiking, dancing, plays, concerts, just going out to different venues with friends, and enjoying life.  She just started on her journey of volunteering.  She likes what SVGD does for others and the community so feels it's her time to give back. She feels she could bring many things to our group including: a creative imagination, artistic talents, she loves to write & journal, & is good natured.  Adrian feels she has the ability to inspire other with her creative flair.  Her combination of skills should make her an asset to our SVGD Board.
Doug Steebner- Doug is a single, divorced father (1 child still at home) who lives in Acres Green, a subdivision of Lone Tree. He would like to be considered for the SVGD Board.  For the past ten years he has been a vehicle broker with HM Brown and Associates, the largest vehicle broker in Colorado.  Doug tries to stay as active as he can enjoying many of the activities available in Colorado including hiking, fishing, skiing, and golf to name a few!  He has always enjoyed volunteering and he states that SVGD is giving him the opportunity to do so where it is doing the most good!  He'd like to be on the Board to help give other single people the opportunity to volunteer as often and easily as it has been for him!  This will be Doug's third year on the Board.  Presently he is our Membership Chairperson.

Fifi Khattak- Although Fifi's background is in Information Technology, she has a passion for helping people and making a positive difference in their lives.  Fifi has also been a volunteer with several other non-profit organizations with a focus on cancer.  Fifi is from England and has been living in the U.S. since 2013.  She moved to Denver in 2016 and came to learn about SVGD through her online search for non-profit organization volunteer events.  Fifi plans to promote SVGD by increasing awareness of its goals amongst more people.  Fifi believes people can "realize what a great difference every little help can make because of the power that has been invested in them naturally, simply by their presence."  This would be her first year on the SVGD Board.

Jill Wolff- Jill is newly single (no kids at home anymore) and wants to spend her free time doing something useful.  She heard great things about SVGD and decided to become a member.  Jill was a volunteer/board member for a local dog rescue for 13 years.  She worked on the fundraising committee, was an adoption coordinator, dog walker/cuddler for the dogs not in foster homes, assisted in the transporting and helped the founder/president with office functions, tracking/logging donations, and whatever else was needed.  She loves animals and has three boxers of her own.  In addition, she was a board member for Northglenn Little League, serving as Vice President of Softball when her children were young.  She has worked in the retirement industry for 25 plus years, including 5 years of consulting.  Jill feels that her past volunteer and board experience will help bring fresh ideas to the SVGD board and is looking forward to helping in any capacity needed.

Kayla Okafor- Kayla attended the very first SVGD event when the group first formed in 2006.  She has been active ever since.  She was the first Volunteer Events Coordinator and, except for an approx. 18-month hiatus, has continued in that position.  Kayla maintains the SVGD liaisons with non-profit organizations, supervises and trains the Event Captains, coordinates the event schedule, watches the registrations, and writes the e-newsletter.  She is on the Board in this position and normally serves as Vice President.  This year she became President when Julie Hicks had to step down as President due to her expanding work duties that caused her to be out of Denver often.  Kayla believes in SVGD and the positive impact it has in the Denver Metro area.  Kayla taught college for many years and is the past Dean of two colleges.  She is currently the Owner/Employing Broker of Denver Real Estate Connection where she has also done training and taught college-level business and real estate law.  She has a home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and has taken five groups of volunteers- many from SVGD- there for a week of volunteering & fun!  She would like to continue on the Board as SVGD has become a very important part of her life for over 10 years.

I'm sure you will agree that we have a great group of nominees who bring a variety of experiences in order to make SVGD a great organization and to make an impressive contribution to the Denver Metro area non profit community!!!  A special Thank You to them for agreeing to contribute! 

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