SVGD Updates plus a New Volunteer Event!

Sunday, August 23, 2020
August 23, 2020  

SVGD Volunteers:
      We are starting to get more active again at SVGD even though we are making sure to stay safe by being socially distanced at our events, etc.  I heard from the Jeffco Action Center that we handed out over 3,600 back packs with school supplies to low-income children.  We helped on Sat. Aug. 15th which was the last day of the week-long event so personally did not give out that many but we did help them with the project.  They had about 5,000 back packs.  The rest are going to local schools.  Thanks to those of you who helped at the event!  
       This past week our SVGD Board finally got together for a meeting!  Although we've been communicating via computer we finally were able to get together and work on our plans for SVGD.  One of our biggest items right now is developing our new web site.  Our server is no longer going to host web sites so we are in the process of developing a new site.  Since there is an expense to do this and we weren't able to do our two normal fundraisers this year this became a point of discussion.  The Board was pleasantly surprised when Board President, Doug Steebner, presented SVGD with a check for $2,020 which was donated by people at his company H.M. Brown, which is a Colorado Cars Sales and Leasing Brokerage firm!!!!!!  This will truly help us as we work on the new web site & pay our bills such as insurance etc. in a year when $$'s are slim for non profits.  THANK YOU SO MUCH DOUG!  As for the rest of us, please try to keep your membership current and don't forget that Single Volunteers of Greater Denver can be added as a non profit to whom you'd like a percentage of any dollars you spend to be donated when you use the Amazon Smile program.  We are going to make it through this difficult 2020 financial year.
       I did just put a new September event on our SVGD web site.  We are going to be helping to serve lunch at  The Delores Project Women's Shelter on Saturday, September 12th.  Please sign up if you'd like to help.  I did put some instructions for registering on the event description below as we are going through some changes as we transition to our new web site so the normal registration form is not now working.  Everything else should be working, however.  If you need to renew your membership that can still be done on the web site.  If in doubt you can always email me at and I can check on it for you.  I hope to start adding a few more safe events each month as we transition back to our normal state of having several events each month.  I know I have personally missed being able to do as many things socially as I used to and I've found that helping at the last couple events we've done not only make me feel happy to get out and do something but also has made me feel very good to make a difference in our community.  Perhaps you can empathize with this also.  I look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming event!!    
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator  

To register for this event please go to the web site to view the event, update your membership if necessary, & then email your registration per the instructions.


Serving Lunch at the Delores Project Women's Safehouse, Sat. Sept. 12th,11AM-1PM 6 Volunteers are needed. The Delores Project has also made adjustments due to the pandemic to make us safe as well as the residents safe.  The kitchen and dining room are cleaned before and after each meal.  The dining room is arranged for social distancing and they only have a capacity of 32 and do regular COVID testing.  We will be wearing masks & will be provided disposable gloves.  Our group will just be in the kitchen.  The food is provided, we just need to heat it up and arrange it for the residents as they come through.  We will be serving the food but will be in the kitchen area so will not be touching the residents.   So many of our volunteers have been requesting this event!  We have assisted this women's safe shelter several times and they have asked us back as we have fantastic groups of volunteers.  This was a regular event for us due to the interest from our volunteers.  The shelter is in West Denver. This is a confidential location that is given out to the volunteers after registering due to the nature of the facility.  Both male & female volunteers are welcome to assist at this event.
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