New November Volunteer Event!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

SVGD Volunteers:
       I just put our Thanksgiving Food Distribution event on the web site so you can start registering.  We have three events the weekend prior to Thanksgiving for our Pre-Thanksgiving volunteer effort.  One is in the morning, one is in the afternoon, and one is in the evening so, hopefully, we'll be able to accommodate everyone's schedule at this "giving" time of year.  I will have our December volunteer events on the web site prior to Thanksgiving so you'll have time to schedule them with your busy Holiday schedule.  I'm still able to accept people on the Puerto Vallarta International Volunteer Trip so have included that information also. 
       Details for all these events are given below.

Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator

To sign up for these events please go to the web site.


Thanksgiving Food Distribution for Jeffco Action Center, Sun. Nov.20th, 8-11:30AM, 6 Volunteers are needed.  We will be helping at the Jeffco Stadium to distribute food boxes which contain Thanksgiving meal items.  During this day over 2,000 low-income households in Jefferson County will be given food so they can have a Thanksgiving Dinner for their family.  It is such a great feeling to help people who otherwise would not be able to have a good dinner on Thanksgiving for their families!  Most of the tasks for this drive-thru event involve standing, some exposure to the Fall weather on that day, moderate lifting and/or traffic control.


 Denver Public Library Winter Used Book Sale, Sat., Nov.19, 12-4PM, (We still need 3 volunteers for this event.) 6 Volunteers are needed to help as adders and cashiers for the hundreds of books, DVD's, etc. that are sold.  We have helped at this event several times and our volunteers always enjoy the experience. Parking and refreshments are complimentary for volunteers.  Normally we also get a great discount on anything that we would like to purchase.  This sale attracts thousands of people to the Central Library and raises over $50,000 for the library foundation.

Serving Pre-Thanksiving Dinner at The Crossing homeless shelter,Mon. Nov. 21, 5:00-7:30PM, (This event is on Waiting List status. If you sign up you will be contacted if we receive a volunteer cancellation.) 7 volunteers are needed. Many of our volunteers request this event because they enjoy it and feel that it is such a worthwhile organization.  We definitely try to help them with their Thanksgiving week plans!  I know we all can empathize with people who do not have a home at Thanksgiving and who are trying their best to be thankful for their lives.  The Crossing is a transitional facility between the homeless shelter and getting back into an apartment.  The residents are working and saving up for an apartment.  It is drug & alcohol free.  Men, women & families reside there.  It provides a great service as people work to get back on their feet. Our volunteers will help in the buffet line and may help with some of the meal bags for those who come back from work after dinner time.  After we serve dinner we will have an opportunity to eat as a group and also enjoy the meal.  We then do a few minutes of clean up and straightening in the dining room.

4th International Volunteer Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Feb. 1st thru 8th. (We have a great group of volunteers who are attending this event. Although I now need to book the airfare individually subject to seat availability I do still have hotel rooms reserved and are hoping we can get a few more volunteers.)  Many of you have been asking for the details and when the next trip will happen. This is a chance to help the less privileged while also enjoying a trip to paradise for 8 days & 7 nights.  Volunteers will assist at 3 non-profit events such as the spay/neuter clinic for Peace Mexico, helping at an orphanage, etc.  You will also have free time, an awesome dinner cruise with fireworks your last night and will have a Super Bowl reservation at the best sports bar in Puerto Vallarta.  I have an event description sheet if you are interested.  This event is not sponsored by SVGD so you do need to contact me directly for more information.  Please email me at if you want more information. Your first deposit payment will be due when you register and then the payments are divided over two more months.This is such a fantastic time!  If you'd like to get away from the frigid winter weather and also provide much needed assistance out of our country please consider this opportunity!  Please check with your tax accountant for possible tax deductions.
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