New July Event + Volunteer Needs for this Weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
June 12, 2019  

SVGD Volunteers: 
     I just put our Cherry Creek Arts Festival event on the web site so that you can sign up.  This is another one where you can bring friends and associates.  Just let me know the names of who you wish to bring so I can put them on the registration list.  We have a fantastic location again where we should be able to hear the bands!  There's nothing like dancing a little while you sell Pepsi!  Plus it's a great event to view before or after your shift.
     We do still need a few volunteers for this weekend's fun PrideFest booth.  We need 3 people for the Saturday afternoon shift, 1 person for the Sunday morning shift, and 2 people for the Sunday afternoon shift.  We're getting really close but we do need to honor our commitment as to number of volunteers in order for it to also be a fundraiser for us.  Please sign up very soon if you can help since the event is only a couple days away!  Thank you for your help! 
      I will be adding more events to our Future Events list soon.  Most of my time right now is taken up with getting ready for this weekend's big event.           
Kayla Okafor
SVGD Volunteer Events Coordinator   

Please sign up on to this assist at these events.


Fundraising Beverage Booth at PrideFest- We have 4 shifts: 2 on Sat. June 15th & 2 on Sun. June 16th. Each has 10-12 Volunteers  to run an alcohol booth. (This is a total of 44 Volunteers!)
 Shift 1  Sat., June 15th, 10AM-3PM, - We have filled this shift
 Shift 2, Sat. June 15th, 3-8PM,  - We still need 3 volunteers for this shift.
 Shift 3 Sun., June 16th, 9AM-2PM. - We still need 1 volunteer for this shift.
 Shift 4 Sun., June 16th, 2PM-7PM (usually we get done around 6:15PM and are able to leave about then).  - We still need 2 volunteers for this shift.
      This is the first of two fundraising events that SVGD is doing this year. In addition to helping the non-profit we will get paid money towards our fantastic organization so we can continue to operate.  SVGD needs funds annually in order to pay our insurance, web hosting etc.  We provide volunteers to approx. 60 non-profit events annually but do need to do a couple for us in order to continue providing this great service to the Metro Denver community.  We will be in charge of an alcohol booth at this fun event with a percentage of the profits going to our organization!  Since this is a big undertaking & a fundraiser, non-SVGD members can also register.  We encourage our members to invite friends, work associates, and other non-profit associates to participate.  When you sign up please let us know if you have other persons who could be volunteers and we will contact them or you can give us their info.  We helped at this event the past two years and had such a fantastic time!  It's a colorful event with lots going on!  What fun!!  Recognized as one of the top ten pride events in the country, Denver's PrideFest is a celebration of community, heritage, family and culture. Produced by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Colorado (The Center), more than 600,000 people from Colorado, surrounding areas, & internationally this year come out to enjoy the parade, rally, music, entertainment, food and much more.  Please join us as we accomplish two objectives- supporting SVGD financially and supporting this non profit.  The Sunday parade will end at Civic Center Park where the event is located.


Cherry Creek Arts Festival- Shift 6 , Fri, Sat. & Sun. July 5th-7th, 3 Volunteers are needed for each of the 6 shifts.  We will be running a Pepsi booth again this year!   This is the other fundraising booth that we do annually.  So many non profits want to have a booth and the competition is steep.  We've done a booth for several years and they keep asking us back as our volunteers do a great job.  There is free parking for the volunteers.   CherryArts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to art experiences and support arts education in Colorado.  The Cherry Creek Arts Festival (CCAF) weekend event is a world-class and award-winning celebration of the visual, culinary and performing arts and enjoys an attendance of 350,000 visitors over the course of the three-day event.  They also have an art education experience.  The event is North of the Cherry Creek Mall.  Plan on coming to help plus to enjoy this fantastic event!!
Here are the shift times:  Fri., July 5th- Shift 1- 9:30AM-3PM, Shift 2 3-8:30PM;  Sat., July 6th- Shift 3- 9:30AM-3PM, Shift 4 3-8:30PM; Sun., July 7th- Shift 5 9:30AM-2PM, Shift 6 2-6:30PM

Please sign up for any of these shifts/events on the  web site.


     The following events are going to be upcoming but I don't have either the Event Captains or all the details yet.  Some of our members do like to get their schedule planned as soon as possible so I'm listing these so you can "pencil them" in to your schedule.  I will let you know when I have all the information & have put them on the web site so you can "officially" register.   
        Sat., July 20th- Blues N' BBQ helping Habitat for Humanity- we will be helping at the gate and ticket counter from 3-6PM.
        Sat., Aug. 10th- 9AM-12:45PM, School Supply Distribution for low income students, it will be at an elementary school in Wheat Ridge
If you know of any non-profit organizations that can use a group of 6 or more volunteers during an upcoming evening or weekend please feel free to give me the information as I'll be glad to explore the possibility of organizing a group of our SVGD volunteers to assist!  Thank you!
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